Heating Your House Is Expensive. Expert DIYer Shares 16 Nifty Ways To Cut Your Heating Bill

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One of the ways to make your house more energy efficient would be to simply open up the windows and let that fresh air in to the rooms.

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ways to make your house more energy efficient. | Open up the windows!

Being able to keep my home air conditioner maintenance and energy saving tips handy during the

seasons have helped me keep my home insurance premiums at an all-time low all while saving more money on my utility bills. My last home warranty air conditioner replacement ended up being a doozy, so I made sure that I wouldn’t put myself in that position ever again. I learned that any heating or cooling equipment should be serviced at least one time a year or you end up with energy bills going through the roof. Get your hands dirty- power off the machine, remove the gunk that gets trapped on the filter, I change my filters every six months. If you have pets you may want to change it more frequently to void having air quality issues. So back to the basic cleaning routine of your AC units – clean around the area as well as the evaporating coil, check the compressor and conditioner fins and make sure that they are straight, because if they are bent then you will experience airflow that has been restricted. That’s just a basic checklist of your air conditioner unit, get to know and understand your equipment, so you are best able to keep it working for much longer. The effort you put in from the beginning will save you so much money in the future trust me!
Remember to use only soft cloths and brushes to remove the dust and debris, if the smodge is difficult to remove then get a spray bottle with some water and mild soap and that should make light work buildup. Now every machine is different so make sure that you are comfortable with the manual that accompanied your AC unit. While I am all for maintaining the existing, don’t keep banging your head on a wall trying to fix an AC unit that has no way of being salvaged. Don’t waste time and energy on it, buy a new one and start over.

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