Turn $1 Solar Lights And Mason Jars Into Gorgeous Patio Decor

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For this mason jar home decor project, I bought few mason jars in different sizes and solar lights.

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Get some mason jar and solar lights | mason jar home decor:

Changing the design of the house, adding something new or redecorating a corner, 

whenever we hear any of these things mentioned above the interior of the house is what we are referring to. Seldom is the case when people think about working on the exterior of their house. Yes, the outdoor sitting arrangement of the house is important that is often neglected by people. Most of the people think that they have grass in their garden, few plants and chair or two, which is all their outdoor, is ever going to need. I work as a home designer which is why I am lucky enough to try different smart home ideas. I love when people ask me to do outdoor home décor. When I find a house owner not interested in working on the outdoor home décor, I pitch in several outdoor home décor ideas to get their attention. Luckily, in most of the cases, people agree that their outdoor home décor also needs a little bit of touch.

Working in this field, I have observed that there are usually three reasons outdoor home décor is not the most discussed topic:

1) people usually forget that the outdoor need to touch up,

2) people think it is not important to have outdoor home décor and

3) people think it will cost them a lot. Most of the time, it is the third reason that people are not much into outdoor home décor ideas.

This is where I step in and clear their misconception about the outdoor home ideas. I share with them tips for home decorating on a budget that includes decorating their outdoor as well. Most of the times people are surprised with the home design tips that I share with them. Understanding the budget issues that a lot of my clients have, I tend to use crafty home ideas that are budget friendly. I recently worked on three outdoor home decor projects for three different clients. They all had a limited budget which is why I decided to use cheap home ideas and went on using mason jars for their outdoor home decor. Yes, using a mason jar as the outdoor home decor ideas is always a huge success, and I always find my clients completely satisfied with the final results. Today, I will share with you the details of the last three mason jar home decor ideas that I have worked on recently.

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