Mom Buys Cinder Blocks And Uses Them In Ways I Never Thought Of

My bedroom (home decor) needed a new bedside table and I made one in under 10 minutes for less than 10 dollars using a few cinder blocks, a succulent plant, some flowers, a few books and a movie lamp!

I love my three cinder block bedside table, cost me 8 dollars to put this together.

Some people might look at that picture of my plant situated on top of a piece of elm wood

that’s supported by six bricks (three on each side) and think that it can’t possibly work as a decorative addition to their home, but my patio furniture begs to differ so please don’t limit yourself to the norm, let’s step out of the box and take home decor to another level. After all, where is it written that bricks/cinder blocks uses are confined to construction hmm? My cinder block usage is either going to amaze you or scare you or both, but a reaction is imminent!

As a mortgage banker, I work insane hours and you know some people go to the gym to unwind, well I bring out my cinder blocks and I use it in almost all my decor. The good news is these are inexpensive, you can get them with patterns or plain as porridge.

So, I will start with landscaping, if you have ever had small garden design plans, this is a good place to begin. All you will need for this DIY are some cinder blocks (buy the size and the amount based on your space). They don’t cost an arm and a leg, and you should be able to score what you need for a few dollars. If you have a bad back, you might want to get your back brace out now by the way (laughs) I said the blocks were cheap but not light and don’t forget your garden boots too!

So depending on your layout you can stack the cinder blocks to any design you like, making sure that your plants won’t be compromised in any way or come toppling down and hurt you or anyone else.

My garden was stacked against the wall in my yard, if you prefer a standing garden, then use the holes in the blocks and get a steel rod to support them. Most of these blocks have two slots, simply fill with rich soil and decide what you want to plant into those spaces. For me, I wanted flowers that were relatively small and easy to maintain, I threw in some succulents too because I just like the decorative effect that they give. Now don’t think that that is all we can do with these blocks that is stack them, fill it with dirt and a plant and then walk away, no sir! You can stencil these bad boys too, just cut out some designs tape it to the face of the block and paint then remove! How’s that for creative gardens huh? Also, the cinder blocks are porous, so it dries in no time at all.

I just wanted to give you an idea of how these blocks can be used outdoors now let me give you another great idea for cinder blocks indoors, yes, we are doing furniture in the house and (say it with me) we are not afraid to try it!

My son has been begging me to buy him a sofa for his room and I was like Nah buddy you are 12 years old so no, no, no! Then I thought about it and realized that I could give the kid a sofa and it would cost me very little. So, here’s what I (cheap daddy) did; I got 20 blocks, a full-size mattress (that I had my wife cover with some bright solid material) and some old (but clean) throw pillows. THAT. WAS. ALL.

The worst part for me was getting it up the stairs, but I did it and for my son, I don’t mind the extra work (sometimes!). So, I laid the blocks out in two rows (front and back) five below and five on top in a way where the mattress was supported fully, and I finished it off with the pillows (25 minutes). That’s not all I got out of that DIY, I realized that the spaces in the blocks could double as storage for shoes or books! How freaking genius was that?! I truly hope that you broaden your horizons and at least attempt one of my ideas it will be so satisfying when you are done (at least I think you will be) if not then thank you for just sticking around and keeping me company, for those who will watch my videos you will be able to follow my cinderblock home and garden ideas easily and if you like what you see, don’t forget to share and comment below!

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