Mom spent $40 on an old, dirty door, transforms it into a beautiful piece for the home

My window frames will be a major player in making my small backyard look more spacious, I actually got this idea from watching my mom decorate her clients’ homes (home decor inspiration).

I will be using some old window frames to give the illusion of a larger space. | home decor inspiration.

I know that for many of us, space is a never-ending issue and when the weather gets warmer,

we just want to be outside relaxing and enjoying the good weather. However, a neglected backyard could make all those recreational activities non-existent and what we are going to do for you all today, is show you how to turn that eyesore into a sight to behold (exterior home decor). The muse will be my neglected backyard of course and trust me when I tell you all I had the gardener do was cut the lawn because I am afraid of snakes (laughs). Now in my backyard, I have this old fence that is just there, literally it fences nothing, it has been placed in the yard for a future diy I imagine that just never came to fruition. So now that we have a reason to revive it and make it lovely, why not bring all our fellow home (home design blogs) makers along for the ride. Okie dokie, so asI was saying- old fence – my backyard – repurpose (custom home designs). I am going to create two mirror window panes and use it to make the small space seem larger and I have just the perfect old window frames for the job. Each window had four separate glass panes and I cut pieces of mirror to that exact size and using a glue gun I stuck them on (renovation home ideas); next I put two nails each into the sides and tied some twine around them to use on the nails that I put into the fence to hold them securely up (home ideas design).

After I did that I wanted to make a stone path in front of the fence that would be illuminated by some rope lighting (cool idea huh!), I got the stones from a home depot store as well as the rope lights and simply cordoned off a certain area in front of the fence. It was starting to look like people cared about their backyard again (smile). Next, I opted for some tiki torches, because why not? We’re outside we want to keep the bugs away and it was to make some citronella torches using some old wine bottles we had laying around. The first thing I did was pour the citronella oil into the bottles and wrap some electrical tape around the metal coupling so that it will be nice and snug in the opening of the bottle, next we will take a long wick and insert it through the coupling and into the bottle with the citronella oil. For a more rustic feel, I wrapped the widest part of the bottles with some rope and I thought it looked good and gave added more life to the decor. Finally, I brought out my table and chairs and put my feet up because let me tell you how much like Hawaii it looked (not as good, but close!). Maddy and I hope you enjoyed this project with us and we wish you guys all the best when you tackle your own backyard makeovers.

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