After Putting Pie Crust In A Mason Jar Lid What She Does Next Makes A Quick And Convenient Treat!

You can get these mason jar lids from the dollar tree store or you can use the ones you already own since the project doesn’t warp the material in any way (food business from home ideas).

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I am going to use 6 of the mason jar lids I already own for this pastry project. | food business from home ideas

Pastries have always been my favorite thing to make in the kitchen (best easy desserts to make).

Lately, I have been looking for new ways to make some innovative party foods (birthday party home ideas) that my kids and their friends can comfortably grasp in their little hands and enjoy. So I found this new way to bake pies and tarts; it’s using mason jar lids. The portions are not too much or too little and I was eager to test this theory (chef for home) put forward by the professional HGTV chef. I whipped up some pie fillings, three different kinds to be exact – cherry, blueberry, and apple, I also will be using my covers that I already had from my mason jars, and yes I made my own pastry dough too (you can buy the frozen one too and save time), poured out some cinnamon sugar and regular granulated sugar and cracked an egg with water for the egg wash.

Now when I am in my kitchen workshop as I like to call it, I put everything out on the island so I don’t have to move too far for anything, it really keeps an uninterrupted rhythm going, in addition to keeping the whole process organized. I can now start because my OCD has been appeased (smile) let us begin without any more delay. First thing I did was flip the inside part of the mason lid over because I want the pastry to be removed from the lid without any effort and or broken pie crust accidents. Next I use a cookie cutter that’s slightly bigger than the mason jar lid and I I cut out six circles and I gently place them on top of the lid and firmly press the dough into the space (just like you would in a regular pie dish), then I place about a couple tablespoons of the filling of choice per pie; don’t overfill the pie because it will overflow and ruin the look of the pie by exploding in the oven, I learned this the hard way, so don’t be like me! Now I get to make some neat designs for the mini pie crusts. I used the traditional lattice style cover for the cherry pie by cutting strips of pie crust and weaving them like a basket and for the blueberry and apple pie I cut star shapes out of the crust and interchanged them. For my pie covers to meld with the pie crust already in the lid, I just use a little water around the edges. When that’s done I begin the egg wash (one egg and a little bit of water whisked together), this will give the pies a really nice golden brown color you know? Finally, I sprinkle on my sugar and pop them into the oven for baking ( preheat at 375 degrees), bake these gems for about 20-24 minutes. My pies are cooled now and I popped them out easily with no issue, I didn’t need parchment paper of anything, the kids are going to love these treats and I reckon that there won’t be anything left of these cute pies at this birthday party once they get on the table! Let me know how yours came out and please send pictures!!

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