How To Live Comfortably In A Tiny Apartment | Creative Home Ideas For Small Spaces

Yes, I really live in a (90 sq ft. ) micro-studio. It’s not a bad as it sounds (smart home ideas), come on in and let me show you how I live!


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Welcome to my micro studio let me show you around! | smart home ideas

I knew that I wanted to live in the city, but I didn’t want to spend over 3k for an apartment that I might be struggling

to pay for and miss the whole reason I wanted to move in the first place. So a friend of a friend told me she had this really, really small micro-studio that was going to be available in a couple weeks; so I jumped on it, I was hyped like yes! show me! Guys, I was not prepared for what I saw; it looked like a hallway, (deadass) like a giant-sized cereal Tupperware container that was dubbed a micro-studio. I knew that honestly it was what I could afford and I started planning in my head how I could make the space more livable (tiny home ideas). Well, fast-forward to the following month, by this time I had quite a few creative home ideas that I needed to execute with haste. I did a lot of research on how to utilize small spaces on Pinterest home ideas pin boards, I checked out the diy home ideas, Youtube channels, interior home design blogs; you name it I checked them out. My sister was suggesting that maybe this time I should hire an interior designer, I am looking at her crazy (like lady what part of I am broke don’t you understand?) sure Sis if she’s a free home designer; why not? I was hell-bent on home decor for cheap okay? I needed anything that was geared towards making small spaces (mine in particular) comfortable. I didn’t want to end up on an episode of hoarders.

So here’s what ya girl did. I brought over only what I needed, no room for luxury, this was functionality taking precedence over style. I bought a wall shelf that fit a little more than half of the wall (this is where all of the majority of my things would go), I even made the storage bins myself. Next, I bought a mattress and a two-compartment bookshelf, this was my “bedroom” the one whose ceiling was less than an arm’s length away from my face. My sister gave me her old dorm room refrigerator that she somehow kept all these years (thank you!!). For my closet, I removed the door because of course, it was taking up space that I just couldn’t spare; I replaced it with a simple curtain panel. Things were really starting to come together. Surprisingly, the bathroom was the biggest room in the studio, you just had to angle yourself when you used the toilet so you don’t bang your knees against the face basin sink. I created a reading corner using a small but comfortable chair placed closer to one of my two windows (at least I had a view) and my office fits neatly below the shelving unit. It’s also good to note that I had no painting to do, it was 95% brick wall.

A lot of my family and friends don’t get the city appeal, but the location for me was perfect, it was within walking distance to Central Park, the subway was a couple blocks away, I had a diners everywhere (for the odd day I felt like having someone make my coffee for me), the energy that I get from living in the city is priceless, not to mention I live in an upscale area (but not) where everything is always happening all at once. So to the (broke) young explorers out there, you can live within your means, in the area that you choose with some small adjustments. Go for it!

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