She Removed The Shelves From An Ikea Bookcase And Added Her Own Fun Shelves. AMAZING!

Before you start with making shoe rack in the clothes closet the first thing that you should do is look around and see if there is an old bookshelf that you use.

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Use your spare bookshelf:

She proves that shelving doesn’t have to be boring, even if it’s just for your shoes! These cool hexagons

are the perfect place to kick off your dusty sandals when you enter the house.
One thing that every house is always in need of is extra storage space.

You can build as many closets as you want but you will still find yourself looking for an extra piece that you can use as additional storage space. Talking about extra storage, there are plenty of options available in the market. You can easily find different types of things that will work great for adding more storage space in your house. You can even find portable furniture like cupboard that you can move from one room to another.

Most of the time, people are concerned about finding a new cupboard for their clothes, a cabinet for their crockery, a new rack for your books and so on. However, one thing that is ignored by most of the people is the shoe rack.

A shoe rack! Yes, you totally forget that you might need an extra set of shoe rack in your house for all these shoes you buy every now and then. While out to shop for house, people hardly ever remember that they need separate space to keep their shoes.

They buy different furniture and think of putting ikea furniture together but the idea of buying a shoe rack hardly crosses their mind which is an unfortunate thing. In order to take good care of your expensive shoes, you need a separate place for them. If ikea is the place you buy your furniture from then don’t get confused with ikea interior design for your living room or bedroom only. You should also find a decent shoe rack for your house.

However, if you are not into buying a shoe rack and to hire someone to put together ikea furniture then the best option for you is to create your own shoe rack. Sounds interesting, right? Well, to create your own shoe rack you do not need have some extra space in your house. You can create one in the clothes closet or your walk in closet in bathroom.

Starting one of the DIY small walk in closet ideas of fitting your shoe rack in your closet is the most creative thing that you will do for your house. The best thing about working on these DIY small walk in closet ideas is that they are cost friendly. You do not have to worry about going out of your budget in order to get yourself a new shoe rack. 

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