He Connected Three Ikea Bookshelves With Wood To Make This For His Wife! The Result? So Useful!

Start your ikea DIY craft table project by placing the cubicles wherever you want to be. Make sure you are placing them while keeping size of the desk in mind.

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Step one:

Love for arts and craft is something that comes naturally. There are a lot of people all over the world who love

doing small projects of arts and crafts. Some people get themselves into this activity by taking up different courses while some are naturally talented. No matter which category you fall in, once you have developed taste for arts and craft, there is no looking back. Previously, this specific area was restricted to limited things. People would find it difficult to think outside of the box. However, with time this trend is slowing changing and people are now becoming brave enough to take up challenges by thinking out of the box.

Be Sure to Have These Tools

Talking about taking challenges, one cannot ignore the importance of DIY projects. The DIY projects are the challenge that one takes when he or she is determined to do something new and unique. Thinking about the DIY projects while having arts and craft in mind why not build a DIY craft desk? Sounds amazing, right? You might be thinking about the craft furniture ikea has to offer right? Why not simply get the craft furniture ikea has to offer? Buying furniture from there you will also get ikea home delivery. Well the reason you should go for the craft furniture ikea is because it won’t be as creative as you can make it. Yes, when you decide to build something for your house, you know better what exactly you need.

Material needed to make craft desk:

There are a lot of things required to make this desk. You can find of them at ikea DIY section.

  • 1”x4” 3-12 foot long trim of your personal choice of the wood
  • Thick sheets of size 2-4’x8′ X 3/4inch of MDF with the melamine top
  • Bolts and nuts, almost 12, to secure the 1″x4″ sized boards to the cubicles
  • Pieces of the Trim for top edge, approximately 2-12 foot long
  • Screws of 3 inches for pieces of the frame
  • Killz primers in the color white
  • White paint
  • A tube of the liquid nails
  • A tube of hole filler or Kwik Seal
  • Few fishing nails that have on head.

Tools required to complete this ikea DIY craft table:

  • Tape measure
  • Philips head for the drill
  • Drill & Drill bits
  • Square
  • Caulk gun
  • Hammer
  • Table saw

If you are buying any of the above mentioned things from ikea, do ask for their ikea home delivery service to save yourself hassle of transport.

The main desk made was 36-3/4 TALL X 75″LONG X 38″WIDE.

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